Launched2017 / 2020 / 2021
Passengers 596
Gross Tons40,700
Length / Beam699’ / 85’
Crew-to-Passenger Ratio: 1  1.5
Passengers-to-Space Ratio:268

Silver Muse, Silver Moon &  Silver Dawn

The Muse, Moon and Dawn are sister-ships.  Most suites on these ships include a veranda, but some decks offer Vista and Panorama suites with large picture windows. 

Guests can dine at any of the 8 onboard restaurants, of which 6 are at no extra cost (La Dame & Kaiseki require a small per diner extra fee).  The Moon & Dawn also offer the new S.A.L.T program.  The ships also have 3 bars, a small casino, the Venetian Lounge for evening entertainment, and the Connoisseur’s Corner for cigars and cognac.  A full-service spa is available, as well as a well-equipped fitness center. Guests can use the ships’ valet laundry service or use one of the free launderettes to refresh their attire on their own.  The ships boast 1 pool and 4 hot tubs in addition to many other outdoor spaces. 

Passengers 608
Gross Tons39,519
Length / Beam692’ / 89’
Crew-to-Passenger Ratio: 1  1.5
Passengers-to-Space Ratio:265

Silver Spirit

The flagship of the Silversea line, she is the largest by passenger capacity.  Her refurbishment in 2018 not only changed many of the restaurant and entertainment options, it stretched her hull by 49’.  Most suites include a veranda, though she also boasts a small compliment of Vista and Panorama suites. 

The Spirit offers guests 8 dining options (small extra fees for La Dame & Seishin).  She has 3 bars, a small casino, the Venetian Lounge and the Connoisseur’s Corner.  Her spa and fitness center easily meets the needs of guests. She also has free launderettes on decks 5-11.  She provides many outdoor areas, including a pool and 3 hot tubs. 

Launched2000 / 2001
Refurbished2019 / 2018
Passengers 388
Gross Tons28,258
Length / Beam610’ / 79’
Crew-to-Passenger Ratio: 1  1.3
Passengers-to-Space Ratio:273

Silver Shadow & Silver Whisper

Sister ships, the Shadow and Whisper are Silversea’s medium sized ships. Most suites include a veranda, but deck 4 has a few Vista suites with large windows.

These ships offer guest 4 dining options, including The Restaurant which is the main dining room.  As with other Silversea ships, these ships also have La Dame on board for a culinary experience.  The ships have 2 bars, a small casino and the Connoisseur’s Corner.  Shows are presented in the Show Lounge.  The spa and fitness centers deliver the same luxury and uncrowded experience of the Silversea line.  The ships have many free launderettes on multiple decks.  Outdoor space includes a pool and 2 hot tubs.

Launched1994 / 1995
Refurbished2017 / 2021
Passengers 254 / 274
Crew212 / 239
Gross Tons17,400
Length / Beam509’ / 69’
Crew-to-Passenger Ratio: 1  1.2 / 1.1
Passengers-to-Space Ratio:269 / 64 

Silver Cloud & Silver Wind

Sister ships and two of the early Silversea fleet, the Cloud and Wind were converted to expedition cruise ships and carry extra expedition equipment including zodiacs & kayaks.  In 2017-2018 the ships were upgraded with ice-class hulls, allowing them to sail in polar waters. Most suites include a veranda, but each have a few Vista suites with large windows.

These ships offer guest 4 dining options, and although smaller ships, they still offer Silversea’s signature La Dame restaurant.  The ships have 2 bars and the Connoisseur’s Corner.  Shows take place in either the Show or Explorer’s Lounge. They also have a small spa and fitness center, sufficient for the smaller guest complement.  The ships have a few free launderettes.  Although traveling to many colder regions, the outdoor spaces are still ample and include a pool and 2 hot tubs.

Passengers 144
Gross Tons6,072
Length / Beam354’ / 49’
Crew-to-Passenger Ratio: 1  1.2
Passengers-to-Space Ratio:242

Silver Explorer

Silver Explorer is one of the smallest ships in the Silversea fleet, use exclusively for expedition trips.  With an ice-strengthened hull, she can sail in polar regions and her small size allows her to reach some of the world’s most remote destinations.  The majority of the suites on board are non-veranda suites, with either portholes or windows.

Guests can dine at either the Restaurant or the Grill, and grab evening drinks in the Panorama Lounge or Connoisseur’s Corner.  Lectures and seminars are presented in the Explorer Lounge.  A small spa and fitness center are available for guests, though the main focus of this ship is getting out on expedition excursions. 

Passengers 100
Gross Tons5,800
Length / Beam331’ / 52’
Crew-to-Passenger Ratio: 1  1.1
Passengers-to-Space Ratio:258

Silver Origin

Silver Origin is a destination specific ship.  She was built to only sail around the Galapagos Islands.  As one of the newest ships in the fleet, she was built with Silversea luxury in mind.  All suites have verandas, providing guest a personal space to watch the islands sail by and the incredible wildlife of this region. 

Guests can dine at either the Restaurant or the Grill and can grab evening drinks in the Panorama Lounge or Connoisseur’s Corner.  Guests can visit the Explorer Lounge for excursion briefings during the day and drinks and music in the evening. A small spa and fitness center are also available for guests.

Silver Origin also adds The Basecamp, where guests can prepare for their explorations of the area.  Her interactive wall screen (the largest at sea) provides guests with an abundance of information on the fascinating flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands.

Launched2023 / 2024
Passengers 728
Gross Tons54,700
Length / Beam801’ / 97’
Crew-to-Passenger Ratio: 1  1.3
Passengers-to-Space Ratio:275

Silver Nova & Unnamed Evolution-Class Ship 

Silver Nova will be the 11th ship to join the Silversea fleet and will be followed in 2024 by a yet to be named sister ship.  These ships will boast a wide variety of new guest experiences and innovative technologies.

These ships will make a leap forward in sustainability and will be the first hybrid cruise ships.  In ports, the ships will operate emission-free by using fuel cells and batteries.  At sea, the ships will use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as their main fuel. 

All suites on board will have private verandas.  Guests can dine at any of eight restaurants and will have an unprecedented choice of bars, offering delicious drinking and dining at any time of the day.  The ships will also focus on a more immersive experience for guests, with longer stays in port and overnights, allowing guests more time to experience the very best of the local life.  Port-intensive itineraries will make sure guests can experience the traditions, cuisine, history and culture of the destinations visited. * 

* Silversea has yet to release most of the details of the onboard and shoreside experience for these ships, but we will update this brief as details are provided.

1 The number of passengers per crew member.  A lower number tends to mean more attentive service.  All of our partners have industry leading passenger to crew ratios.  

2 The gross tonnage of the ship per passenger.  A higher number means more space on board per passenger.  Our partners typically have ~2x the industry average.